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CS-Cart 'Google Structured Data' add-on

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CS-Cart “Google Structured Data” add-on is a great tool that helps to attract new buyers to your shop while they are searching something on the Internet with the help of Google Rich Snippets markup.

How does it work?

This markup gives the possibility to display the extended summary of a page under the blue hyperlink in search results. Besides, it allows users to define weather the displayed information helpful or not and also attract their attention.


Add the following structured markup for the product page:

  • product price;
  • availability;
  • product rating (stars);
  • the number of product reviews;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • newOrganization + Social network links;
  • newWebSite.


  • Ability to stand out from competitors;
  • Higher click-through rate of search result;
  • Ability to display additional information in search result snippets.

Our guarantee:

  • 100% guarantee of usage by Google*;
  • 6 months of free updates;
  • High quality of support.

*We will refund you all money in case Google will not use the markup in the search results in month.


This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 3.0.x - 4.11.3 versions.


  1. You can find the live examples of Google search results at the “Try demo” tab.
  2. After the add-on installation it is necessary to reindex your store by Google.
  3. One license of the add-on is valid for only one CS-Cart installation. In order to use the add-on on another CS-Cart installation, it is necessary to buy one more license.
  4. We do not send the source code of the add-on. After the purchase you get the initial package that needs to be activated to receive the full functionality of the add-on. You can find the installation instruction in the archive of the initial package.
  5. You understand and agree that if you face any issues with the add-on you are ready to provide us with temporary FTP access to your store in order to investigate and solve the issue.

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  1. Download the installation package from the order page.
  2. Extract it to the temporary folder.
  3. Use the “installation instruction.txt” file for the following instruction.

How to add breadcrumbs?

  1. After the add-on installation go to the Administration panel -> Design -> Layouts.
  2. Find the “Breadcrumbs” block and click the “Block options” gear.
  3. On the appeared window choose “Structured breadcrumbs” template.
  4. Click the “Save” button.

Demo for CS-Cart

This module, although tricky to install as it loads files from a remote server on install, once its installed, its easy to setup and works properly after testing with google. Support from cs-market is quick and professional.
Bought "Google Structure Addon" for CS Cart 4.3.5 in a new version were includes additional markup specs. Looking great and wait for results.

Also want to comment about after sales service were it is great. I send 2 messages to CS-Market Team and they find fast the error without delay.

Highly Recommended
Seems works correct with procuts block! I'll order it!

Please use the following link for test

Sincerely yours,

Hello, i want to ask what will be happend if you add block with another products after the description? Could you add for test?
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