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Multi-Vendor Standard

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Multi-Vendor by CS-Cart is an extended edition of CS-Cart that enables you to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products through one common web store.

Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution for web stores with multiple independent vendors and virtual shopping malls with many separate departments. It incorporates all the features of CS-Cart and provides the multi-vendor functionality allowing different vendors to sell and manage their own products in a common storefront.


  • Single storefront – products from different vendors appear in the common product catalog.
  • Unlimited number of vendor accounts.
  • If there are products from different vendors in one order, then this order is divided into several ones automatically (the quantity depends on the number of vendors supplying the purchased goods – one order per each vendor.).
  • Separate administration panel for each vendor where he can manage his products and choose necessary settings.
  • Common payment processing – all money goes to the root administrator's account. Then the root administrator distributes funds among vendors manually according to the orders history.
  • Payable amounts are tracked separately for each of store's vendors.
  • The root administrator has the full access to the store and all vendors’ actions.
  • Vendor-specific shipping methods – every vendor can set up his own shipping methods. The customer whose order contains items from several different vendors can select vendor-specific shipping options at checkout.