I have purchased several addons of this : Countdown promotion timer ; Redirect manager; Product page constructor and i ahave very fast understood that I have not bought addons only. I have received together with products great and fantastic developer on the other side who cares! Yes, yes who cares for his customers! Sergey with his fantastic skills as developer- understood my constant asks for help, changes, and reverts of changes.. He also suggested a lot of great solutions. Any email from my side was answered in no time, with ready solutions and tips for future. That is just a unique approach among the sea of cs cart developers. Anyone who is looking for high quality addons and high standard developer help- CS Market is the correct address.
I have purchased Redirect Manager and it`s awsome but even more better is CS-Market support! I have some minor problems with my shop and they hepled me instantly even the problem was with some other thing than their add on. Thank you so much CS-Market!
We have only purchased one product from CS Market (Redirect Manager). Our review here will only be regarding our interaction regarding this addon not the addon itself.

The transaction went smoothly. We asked for a small modification to the addon and they made the change for free. This did delay delivery but not significantly. The staff was very friendly, responsive and willing to help.

We already have a primary developer that we use for almost all of our work so we are not sure how much we will us CS Market but we won't hesitate to use them again if the need arises.

Where do I even start? I've been working closely with Cs-Market team for the past 4-5 months, I mean, I've bought some of their addons, which are prefection peace of coding, but my business relashionship with Cs-Market team is so much more then just buying their awesome addons, allow me to elaborate.

I've been on the path of starting my own marketplace, not just any other marketplace, but a great one, with tons of options for sellers and for buyers, and I can tell you most definitely, without Sergey and his team, I would have banned the idea of creating my own marketplace months ago, Sergey and his team has so much knowlege around Cs-Cart and PHP coding in general, that I'm always calling Sergey in our e-mails a magician, becuase Cs-Market team are in charge for delivering the most complicated modifcations in record time with a simple reply: "Done!", its like they have mental ability to code Cs-Cart using mind power only, you need to understand, Cs-Market have made the most of the coding of my Marketplace, and I have tons of extra coding on my website, so as I've mentioned above, its so much more than just buying addons.

Sergey and his team are not only top professionals, and so easy going to work with, and along side with being very communicative which help to go through the language language barrier easly, they are the most honest business company that I've known in this field.

Sergey will a-l-w-a-y-s charge you the FAIR amount of money for any type of job, and always will be the lowest offer you can possible get around, adding to this crucial fact as I wrote above the super coding gods that Cs-Market team are, you get the best of both worlds, the lowest and most professional offer you can get.

I'm almost out of lines here, but I'm working with Sergey on a daily baisis for such a long time, that writing less than a whole scroll will be a crime towards Sergey and his wonder team.

Thank you Sergey for helping me to get to where I'm today, thank you for your extreme patience while working with a nerutic and demanding customer as I'm, thank you for thinking about extra things that I never thought of, thank you for being fair and honest with me, thank you for doing T-H-E B-E-S-T J-O-B E-V-E-R!!!!!!!

For every one that is reading these words, this is just temporary summary, becuase I will keep on hiring this great team over and over and over and over again on a daily basis! (Hey Sergey! you got e-mail from me in your inbox, please reply me with a quote :D)

If you don't hire this team, just close your website now.
Very good addon and helpful developers - Highly recommended ! Thanks a lot, keep up the good work.
Хочу сказать огромное спасибо команде cs-market! Разбираются и помогают с любым вопросом, быстро, профессионально! Буду обращаться еще.
CS-Market has great supporting team, all question had been replied clearly and straight forward, this is true partner for CS CART development. Thanks
Great team, providing fast and efficient support ! Would definitively buy some other addons from them.
I needed a custom component and contacted these guys. They told me that this feature was going to help me and redirected me to a built-in option in Cs-Cart. The most attractive and happiest part was they have prepared a video JUST FOR ME and sent me via e-mail. I was very happy to see their response because I was not their customer and the support was awasome! But for sure, I will be their customer and planning to order a few components from their website soon. I like the company, keep up guys!
I want to thank CS-Market for absolutly must have addon on any and all cs-cart stores since default out of the box cart has no features to edit invoice. Key points of the addon:

1. I have custom made invoice and this addon allows editing any field before printing or downloading as pdf invoice.

2. All my product titles are maximum long and SEO oriented, I do not need so much useless information on invoice.

3. cs-cart is not capable of working with EU tax exempt 0% vat, this addon comes handy.

Most of all I am very happy with 1 year update time, why other developers offer mostly just 6 months what is too little.

Thank you keep up good work.
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