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CS-Cart “Recommended products” add-on allows to manually specify products related to the chosen one on the product detailed page in the separate tab. It can awake customers’ interest in such products, thereby promotes cross-sell and up-sell.


  • Ability to add the "Recommended products" tab to a product page.
  • newAbility to choose a template for the "Recommended products" tab.
  • newSettings for each teplate are available now.
  • new'In stock' filter for the the "Recommended products" tab.


This add-on works correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera latest browser versions.

The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 3.0.x - 4.12.2 versions.


  1. One license of the add-on is valid for only one CS-Cart installation. In order to use the add-on on another CS-Cart installation, it is necessary to buy one more license.
  2. We do not send the source code of the add-on. After the purchase you get the initial package that needs to be activated to receive the full functionality of the add-on. You can find the installation instruction in the archive of the initial package.
  3. You understand and agree that if you face any issues with the add-on you are ready to provide us with temporary FTP access to your store in order to investigate and solve the issue.
  1. Download the installation package from the order page.
  2. Extract it to the temporary folder.
  3. Use the “installation instruction.txt” file for the following instruction.

Add-on’s settings

  1. Go to Design -> Product tabs -> Recommended products.
  2. On the appeared window you can change the name of the tab and settings of the block.
  3. Block has its own settings.
    • On the ‘General’ tab you can choose the template and set it.
    • On the ‘Content’ tan you can choose the filling and tick ‘Only “in stock” products’ checkbox.
    • On the ‘Block’ tab you can tick ‘Hide add to cart button’ checkbox.
Nice add on! Especially useful for import csv files from Google Webmasters tools. Great job!
Invaluable addon that should be included as a default addon with CSC. In the first day of use the addon reported more than 400 - 404 hits from search engines and page links. IT does this automatically. WOW, I knew we had some issues but I did not realize there were so many. So now I made it someones job to review the 404 redirects every morning and fix them.

I did ask to CS Market to include export of the redirects and they did so for free. Maybe they will make that a default inclusion to the addon. We wanted it so we could export the created redirects primarily as a backup in the event the info was lost.

What would I change:
- It would be nice sort the 404 visits page so we could see the more important 404 first but it is not a real big deal.

I can now export with the modified addon, so sorting could always be done with the CSV file in Excel and then imported if you get the addon with Export added. However, I handed the duty down to a lower level staff member that I would not be comfortable allowing them to inport and export items so adding the sorting feature in Admin would still be nice.

Thanks - I wish I knew this addon was available years ago. My Website is 10 years old and I never went through these SEO items. Ouch...

Wonderful module! Especially useful list of 404 pages and import csv files from Google Webmasters tools.
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